Tuesday, 27 April 2010

First, and second rough cut and feedback

First rough cut, for this we decided to use the track "i caught myself" by Paramore although we used the actual track to screen it we were going to get it recorded by our friends. However after screening the first cut people thought the music didn't really fit with what was happening on screen and as it had been used in the teen vampire film twilight so it would give people the wring idea's about what genre the film was.

Here is our second rough cut, not a lot has changed mainly the music and we have added a few more opening credit's. However since this screening we have done a re-shoot, and changed quite a few things, but we thought it was definitely and improvement from last time. 

Audience feedback:

  • The soundtrack (we have decided to use some clips from imovie and garageband because of time constraints) was better than the first cut and fitted more with the genre of our film.
  • The Music needed to be turned down because at some points during the clip it was unable to tell what was being said.
  • The music went on for too long in parts because we had edited it so it went on for longer than it should.
  • Music for the 'Like Media' credit wasn't quite long enough
  • There needed to be a little more signification of 'love' between Louise and the Jock. 
  • More tittles on things such as text books, phones, ipod's, fridge, and on a t-shirt to signify that it's a romcom.
  • The bedroom scene where he's writing in his diary needed to be chopped up a little because it was a very long take, so when he's talking about getting pushed into a locker it shows that part as he is talking about it.

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