Sunday, 28 March 2010

Podcast 3

Here is our third podcast explaing what we have recently been doing in making our feature film opening! 


Podcast 2

Here is podcast 2, we produced this a while ago but we have had a few technical difficulties in getting it on to youtube, but here it is! 



We have decided on our cast and here they are; we only have 2 main characters in the opening and we have chosen to go with the stereotypical character types:

                                                                          The central protagonist - 
  • Nick - He is an outsider and a stereotypical  'nerd' he likes rock music and really wants to get the girl (Kate) - He will be played by nick smith, we think he will suit the character very well and although he hasn't done much acting before, we think he will be good for our film he is the right age to play the part as both the actor and character are the same age.

The main girl that Nick wants- 
  • Kate - She's a very popular girl and if the film was set in america she would be a cheerleader, she already has a boyfriend (Ben) but at the end of the film she realises he is the bad/ wrong guy to be with and goes with Nick. She is very stereotypical to romcoms so that the audience recognise her type of character. She will be played by Kate Luty and i think that she would suit this part because she has blonde hair, and is the same age of the character she is playing. Kate  has had acting experience and is currently an a-level theatre studies student.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Working Tittle...

We have chosen a few ideas for our working tittle, 

  • Slim Chance - is our working tittle
  • Stussy - for our production company
  • LikeMedia   - for our distributor
We were going to have in his eyes, but this was already taken as we found out on imdb, so we have chosen slim chance as our working tittle for now. But these are still subject to change as they are only working tittles and we are still thinking things through. 

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Initial Storyboard

Here is the initial storyboard, please take note that the drawings aren't great. :)

Front Of The Production Storyboard

Backside of the initial storyboard

Opening Credit Ideas

Here are a few of our opening credit ideas...
  • Post it notes
  • Above a window
  • Whiteboard
  • In the diary
  • Notice board
  • Computer screen
  • on someone's t-shirt
  • On a piece of paper that gets blown away
  • a note being passed around the class
  • A text/msn message
  • On a poster in the central protagonists room
  • Exercise/text book
  • written on toast 
  • spelt with cereal
  • Using pieces of stationary
  • on a bottle of something in the fridge e.g juice 
  • magnetic letters on a fridge
Ones that we will use in our film opening...

  • whiteboard
  • In the diary
  • a note being passed around the class
  • on someone's t-shirt
  • on a bottle of something in the fridge e.g juice 
  • names spelt out with cereal

The Revised Narrative Outline

The narrative has changed quite a bit since i last posted about it. It's still a romcom but instead of having the person texting the girl in the opening 2 minutes he just talks about how he likes her and gives the audience exposition of what he is planning on doing and also the relationship that he has with this girl at the moment.t things will change within it, but this is how it's going to look for the moment.
  1.  Stussy Media (our production company logo) with probably some music and animation included
  2. Another 1 or 2 production company logo's but these will just be still and the music would be non diagetic and would be an audio bridge between the two logo's. The opening of the actual film, the music used would be upbeat and happy to signify it's a happy film and it includes comedy.
  3. Then it cuts to a long shot of someone's house and zooms into a window
  4. There is a high angle shot of a boy, laid on his bed, writing a diary. He is wearing a band t-shirt, on the walls of his bedroom there are posters with rock bands (such as ACDC, Kiss, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold etc) to signify he is different to the stereotypical teenage boy. During this scene there is a voice over, with him giving exposition on who he is, what he is doing and what he wants (a girl, specifically the one in the film)
  5. Next we would include shots from around the school, having credits on things such as whiteboards, notes, made out of stationary  on walls etc.. (see other post)
  6. It's lunch time, there is a shot of a clock to signify this. The central protagonist thinks 'the girl' is waving at him but in-fact it's one of her friends and he is embarrassed, all of the people that are sat with her start laughing at him.
  7. The main girl's boyfriend 'the jock' comes over to him as he is walking past and bumps him into the  lockers, as he does this he pretends to swear but we have the noise  of the bell over the top of it.
  8. Then we are back in his bedroom with the voice over again, he is still writing in his diary, he closes it up, gabs his coat, walks downstairs and out of the house then it cuts to the tittle of the film. 

Friday, 19 March 2010

Intertextual Links

In our film opening we are planning on including a few intertextual links to other films, in this post i am just going to expand on what ideas we have...

  • In Trick Or Treat, (1986),  (Charles Martin Smith) at the beginning of the film there is a scene where the central protagonist is lying on his bed, writing in his diary. He is giving the audience exposition and background information about what is happening with him and his position in life. At the same time we get exposition also from the mise-en-scene around his bedroom with figures, (rock and metal) band posters and also the way that he is dressed. 
  • We thought we could also fit this into our film, where the central protagonist is in his bedroom lying on his bed writing in a diary and the audience would also get lots of exposition from the mise-en-scene and his surroundings. It's a good was for the audience to get exposition and be informed on the situation that's he's in. 

  • We also look at another  scene within the opening of the film where the central protagonist see's the girl that he likes, she waves and he thinks she is waving at him however she's waving at her friend behind him and the central protagonist gets very embarrassed.  We filmed this scene but decided not to use it because it was awkward framing and was hard to film because it had to be at lunch time in the busy sixth form centre, and also our cast wouldn't cooperate with us. We decided to keep a very small scene where Nick got pushed into the lockers by Kate's boyfriend (the jock). 

Friday, 12 March 2010

Codes and conventions of RomCom's (from watching films)

I have been looking at the opening's of rom coms (by watching the openings of some films) as this is the genre we have decided to do for our film opening. Here is some research that i have done looking at common codes and conventions that appear with romcoms. 

P.S. I Love You,  (Richard LaGravenese), (2007)

  • Non diagetic music, guitar upbeat and happy
  • Produced by Warner Brothers and Alcon Entertainment these are repeated again in writing over a black screen
  • Establishing shot of a city then it pans down into possibly the central protagonist
  • A males is approaching the female he is walking quickly up the stairs after her, they have an argument then make up and are friends again. 
  • 12:30 for the self contained opening scene to finish, then the tittle appears with the main actors names.

  • Touchstone pictures twice with two different animations, Mad chance and Jaret Entertainment production 
  • The title comes in straight away after the production credits
  • Pans across a sunny city
  • The names of the main actors appear on screen over the picture
  • Pans in onto two cars, with some of the main characters in them
  • Establishing shot of the school
  • Teenager in a head teachers office
  • The opening scene in 3:30 seconds long

  • Production companies: 20th Century Fox, Regency, they are then repeated against the black background - 28 seconds of tittles
  • Voiceover with non diagetic music. Someone is walking their dog your immediate reaction is that this is the central protagonist
  • Then the music changes pace the action on screen freezes to show the main character
  • Then there is a shot of a couple running along a road in the snow, then it cuts to them sat on the edge of a bath
  • It then pans out through the window as they kiss it's also snowing, then it fades to white
  • The music then changes by picking up paces, panning across sunny places with the music 'Shiny happy people' 
  • The credits and tittle are against what's happening on screen
  • It takes about 3 minutes to get to the self contained 'first scene'

  • Universal production company logo, also repeated against black in writing with non diagetic music
  • Shot of houses to establish the location, central protagonist in bed, montage of him getting ready for the day doing exercise, making breakfast, having a bath etc, through this we find out he is a perfectionist, there is then a few shots of him travelling to work on his bike
  • There are diagetic sounds but non diagetic music
  • The opening scene is 2 minutes 50 seconds.
  • However within this we don't see any signification of romance or love with the central protagonist 

  • Working Tittle production company edited as the music is non diagetic, other companies:  Universal, Studio Canal, and Miramax, repeated on the screen again over the black background 
  • Slow motion effect used
  • Link between the two central protagonist, with the novelty jumpers
  • Intertextual reference to The Sound Of Music 
  • 1 minute 10 seconds of tittles
  • establishing shot of the village to ground the location
  • 3 minutes for the opening scene to take place
The Breakfast Club
1985, John Hughes

  • Non digetic sound of a song whilst credits are shown.
  • Credits shown for 1.48
  • Yellow writing on a black background isn't too formal.
  • Quote, smashes into pieces which leads into the first shot- FX.
  • The first shot is a high school, this is clearly where the film will be set.
  • The voiceover provides exposition, as well as the still shots of different things.
  • The voiceover is presumably our main protagonist.
  • The main people are all in cars with parents, this suggests the film is going to be about students who dont want to have to go to school.
  • The end of the opening sequence is at 4.41
The Ugly Truth
2009, Robert Luketic

  • Upbeat, well known pop music
  • Set in a city in America
  • Helicopter- high budget
  • Subtitle prodives exposition
  • Working woman is the central protagonist
  • Credits last 3.00
The Time Travellers Wife
2009, Robert Schwentke

  • Credits last 45 seconds
  • Music is digetic
  • Family scene - mum dad and child.
  • American, city, christmas time
  • Main protagonist introduced
When in Rome
2010, Mark Steven Johnson

  • Upbeat, pop music
  • Water, Statues, Rome = love
  • Postcards are used as exposition
  • Main protagonist = small, blonde, pretty, american working woman
  • Just split up with partner
  • Credits = 45 seconds
Falling Up
2009, David M Rosenthal

  • Upbeat music
  • New York
  • Titles done in fancy ways
  • Credits = 2.30
  • Main protagonist = male, white, america, fat
Leap Year
2010, Anand Tucker

  • Opening shot- womans shoes. Working woman
  • Upbeat music, sets tone
  • Setting- Boston. Busy city
  • Career shown, high flying
  • Main protagonist shown  as happy with her partner.
  • Credits- 3.25 

Monday, 8 March 2010

Anamatic and audience feedback

This is our anamatic ....

It's only very simple but it gives an idea as to what we are looking at doing in our film opening, please leave any useful feedback.

Location Scouting

We are currently looking at ideas of locations where we could film our film opening, there will be some pictures uploaded very soon so watch this space.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Our 2 main setting are going to be in and around the school so you can gain exposition about the characters and their background and also in the characters bedroom. Although we eneded up not using most of these locations this video gives you an idea of how we looked for possible locations around school and also different camera angles.

Monday, 1 March 2010

The codes and conventions of the romcom genre

Here are the typical codes and conventions that are used in romcoms...
  • A romcom stands for/ means romantic comedy and is therefore a hybrid genre
  • It appeals to an audience of usually young teens to adults depending on the amount of swearing, violence, sex and nudity etc... Typically romcoms are more for girls but the comedy part of the film makes it appeal to boys as-well 
  • The plot normally consists of 1 boy and 2 girls, or 2 girls and one boys, and usually ends up with "Mr/Mrs right" being together and a happy ending. It fits in with the stereotypical idea of 'love
  • There is white often competition between the 2 males or 2 females fighting for the 1 male/female. This is usually an area where the comedy is brought into the film.
  • The central protagonists are usually good looking (apart from the stereotypical 'geek' or outsider) and are big stars that are recognized not only in the UK but internationally. However sometimes companies introduce new actors if they think they are good, this can sometimes put people off from going to see a film because they don't know if the actor is very good.
  • Gay couples are rarely used in romcoms but that's possibly because it's not the 'norm' and most of society are in or looking for a heterosexual (male and female) relationship.
  • The music varies quite a bit in romcoms. It's generally upbeat and in a major scale throughout, but when there is a 'romantic moment' the music slows down as the pace of the action on screen slows down. When the characters relationship or life isn't going as they would like it to go the music is usually in a minor scale and is more reflectful. In most romcoms there are moments where the characters life and relationships isn't going very well and this type of music is used.
  • Romcoms are usually set in big well known cities so there is a lot of scope for the narrative and events that happen in the story.

The group and our initial concept

I have decided to work with Steff, we think we would both work together, co-operate with each other and try out best in the coursework and it helps that we can rely on each other. 

We originally decided to merge both of our pitch ideas together, as they were both social realist but then we realised that they didn't really suit and fit to the typical codes and conventions of a typical social realist film. 

So then we re-thinked and decided we wanted to do a romantic comedy as we could bring out themes from teen dramas and their lives and issues that they face day to day. Our idea is to have 1 stereotypical male about 16/17 years old, he likes a girl that's in his year but she is really popular and doesn't normally talk to him. He gets her number and texts her saying to meet him, and uses post it notes as a trail for her to find him, she debates and tackles the issue of whether or not to meet up with him and finally does. She finds this really cute and a great way of getting to know him better and meeting up so by the end of the film they are in a relationship. 

Initial ideas for the pitch

This post will just outline some initial thoughts and ideas for the opening of a feature length film, i will then choose one of these ideas and pitch to the rest of the class to share my ideas.

  1. Someone running away from home - this would be a social realist film, including a montage of shots showing someone getting hit by one of their parents,  and then she runs crying up to her bedroom, grabs a bag and hurriedly packs some things, creeps out the front door and there are shots of her walking the streets then it would go to the opening tittle of the film
  2. My second idea is to begin with a car crash, and then cut to a police interview, where they are talking to the victim's friends and witnesses, this would be a teen drama and the rest of the film would be them finding out who was driving the car and that they were drunk etc
  3. My third idea is when a group of friends go on a 'night out' and the events of that, someone's drink gets spiked and they pass out and become really ill. The rest of the film would be about their friends trying to take them to hospital, but they are really drunk and no one is around to help them, this would be a teen drama but could also link in with the horror genre as no-one is helping them.
The idea in red is the idea that i finally chose to use as my pitch to the rest of the class. I thought the pitch went well and that i got my ideas across in the way that i wanted.