Sunday, 28 March 2010


We have decided on our cast and here they are; we only have 2 main characters in the opening and we have chosen to go with the stereotypical character types:

                                                                          The central protagonist - 
  • Nick - He is an outsider and a stereotypical  'nerd' he likes rock music and really wants to get the girl (Kate) - He will be played by nick smith, we think he will suit the character very well and although he hasn't done much acting before, we think he will be good for our film he is the right age to play the part as both the actor and character are the same age.

The main girl that Nick wants- 
  • Kate - She's a very popular girl and if the film was set in america she would be a cheerleader, she already has a boyfriend (Ben) but at the end of the film she realises he is the bad/ wrong guy to be with and goes with Nick. She is very stereotypical to romcoms so that the audience recognise her type of character. She will be played by Kate Luty and i think that she would suit this part because she has blonde hair, and is the same age of the character she is playing. Kate  has had acting experience and is currently an a-level theatre studies student.

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