Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Revised Narrative Outline

The narrative has changed quite a bit since i last posted about it. It's still a romcom but instead of having the person texting the girl in the opening 2 minutes he just talks about how he likes her and gives the audience exposition of what he is planning on doing and also the relationship that he has with this girl at the moment.t things will change within it, but this is how it's going to look for the moment.
  1.  Stussy Media (our production company logo) with probably some music and animation included
  2. Another 1 or 2 production company logo's but these will just be still and the music would be non diagetic and would be an audio bridge between the two logo's. The opening of the actual film, the music used would be upbeat and happy to signify it's a happy film and it includes comedy.
  3. Then it cuts to a long shot of someone's house and zooms into a window
  4. There is a high angle shot of a boy, laid on his bed, writing a diary. He is wearing a band t-shirt, on the walls of his bedroom there are posters with rock bands (such as ACDC, Kiss, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold etc) to signify he is different to the stereotypical teenage boy. During this scene there is a voice over, with him giving exposition on who he is, what he is doing and what he wants (a girl, specifically the one in the film)
  5. Next we would include shots from around the school, having credits on things such as whiteboards, notes, made out of stationary  on walls etc.. (see other post)
  6. It's lunch time, there is a shot of a clock to signify this. The central protagonist thinks 'the girl' is waving at him but in-fact it's one of her friends and he is embarrassed, all of the people that are sat with her start laughing at him.
  7. The main girl's boyfriend 'the jock' comes over to him as he is walking past and bumps him into the  lockers, as he does this he pretends to swear but we have the noise  of the bell over the top of it.
  8. Then we are back in his bedroom with the voice over again, he is still writing in his diary, he closes it up, gabs his coat, walks downstairs and out of the house then it cuts to the tittle of the film. 

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