Monday, 1 March 2010

The codes and conventions of the romcom genre

Here are the typical codes and conventions that are used in romcoms...
  • A romcom stands for/ means romantic comedy and is therefore a hybrid genre
  • It appeals to an audience of usually young teens to adults depending on the amount of swearing, violence, sex and nudity etc... Typically romcoms are more for girls but the comedy part of the film makes it appeal to boys as-well 
  • The plot normally consists of 1 boy and 2 girls, or 2 girls and one boys, and usually ends up with "Mr/Mrs right" being together and a happy ending. It fits in with the stereotypical idea of 'love
  • There is white often competition between the 2 males or 2 females fighting for the 1 male/female. This is usually an area where the comedy is brought into the film.
  • The central protagonists are usually good looking (apart from the stereotypical 'geek' or outsider) and are big stars that are recognized not only in the UK but internationally. However sometimes companies introduce new actors if they think they are good, this can sometimes put people off from going to see a film because they don't know if the actor is very good.
  • Gay couples are rarely used in romcoms but that's possibly because it's not the 'norm' and most of society are in or looking for a heterosexual (male and female) relationship.
  • The music varies quite a bit in romcoms. It's generally upbeat and in a major scale throughout, but when there is a 'romantic moment' the music slows down as the pace of the action on screen slows down. When the characters relationship or life isn't going as they would like it to go the music is usually in a minor scale and is more reflectful. In most romcoms there are moments where the characters life and relationships isn't going very well and this type of music is used.
  • Romcoms are usually set in big well known cities so there is a lot of scope for the narrative and events that happen in the story.

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