Monday, 1 March 2010

Initial ideas for the pitch

This post will just outline some initial thoughts and ideas for the opening of a feature length film, i will then choose one of these ideas and pitch to the rest of the class to share my ideas.

  1. Someone running away from home - this would be a social realist film, including a montage of shots showing someone getting hit by one of their parents,  and then she runs crying up to her bedroom, grabs a bag and hurriedly packs some things, creeps out the front door and there are shots of her walking the streets then it would go to the opening tittle of the film
  2. My second idea is to begin with a car crash, and then cut to a police interview, where they are talking to the victim's friends and witnesses, this would be a teen drama and the rest of the film would be them finding out who was driving the car and that they were drunk etc
  3. My third idea is when a group of friends go on a 'night out' and the events of that, someone's drink gets spiked and they pass out and become really ill. The rest of the film would be about their friends trying to take them to hospital, but they are really drunk and no one is around to help them, this would be a teen drama but could also link in with the horror genre as no-one is helping them.
The idea in red is the idea that i finally chose to use as my pitch to the rest of the class. I thought the pitch went well and that i got my ideas across in the way that i wanted. 

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