Monday, 1 March 2010

The group and our initial concept

I have decided to work with Steff, we think we would both work together, co-operate with each other and try out best in the coursework and it helps that we can rely on each other. 

We originally decided to merge both of our pitch ideas together, as they were both social realist but then we realised that they didn't really suit and fit to the typical codes and conventions of a typical social realist film. 

So then we re-thinked and decided we wanted to do a romantic comedy as we could bring out themes from teen dramas and their lives and issues that they face day to day. Our idea is to have 1 stereotypical male about 16/17 years old, he likes a girl that's in his year but she is really popular and doesn't normally talk to him. He gets her number and texts her saying to meet him, and uses post it notes as a trail for her to find him, she debates and tackles the issue of whether or not to meet up with him and finally does. She finds this really cute and a great way of getting to know him better and meeting up so by the end of the film they are in a relationship. 

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