Friday, 19 March 2010

Intertextual Links

In our film opening we are planning on including a few intertextual links to other films, in this post i am just going to expand on what ideas we have...

  • In Trick Or Treat, (1986),  (Charles Martin Smith) at the beginning of the film there is a scene where the central protagonist is lying on his bed, writing in his diary. He is giving the audience exposition and background information about what is happening with him and his position in life. At the same time we get exposition also from the mise-en-scene around his bedroom with figures, (rock and metal) band posters and also the way that he is dressed. 
  • We thought we could also fit this into our film, where the central protagonist is in his bedroom lying on his bed writing in a diary and the audience would also get lots of exposition from the mise-en-scene and his surroundings. It's a good was for the audience to get exposition and be informed on the situation that's he's in. 

  • We also look at another  scene within the opening of the film where the central protagonist see's the girl that he likes, she waves and he thinks she is waving at him however she's waving at her friend behind him and the central protagonist gets very embarrassed.  We filmed this scene but decided not to use it because it was awkward framing and was hard to film because it had to be at lunch time in the busy sixth form centre, and also our cast wouldn't cooperate with us. We decided to keep a very small scene where Nick got pushed into the lockers by Kate's boyfriend (the jock). 

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