Monday, 10 May 2010


During the process of planning and making our film, the music changed quite a lot. We found it hard to find some music that wasn't copyrighted and fitted the brief as to what we were looking for. 

In our frist rough cut we used a piece of music by "Paramore" (I caught myself)  and we were going to get our friend to sign and play the guitar to recreate the song so it wasn't copyrighted. However when we screened the first cut the audience said the music didn't really fit in with the genre and because it had been used in a very popular vampire film (Twilight) it didn't signify the romcom genre very well and people might get confused with this. 

In our 2nd Rough cut we used some clips from garageband / imovie 06 however the clips weren't quite long enough so we copy and pasted some bits to edit it so it was longer. However when we screened this people said that it got a little repetative and sounded more like an action film as opposed to a romcom. 

In our final cut we have used some copyright free so we didn't have to get anyone to record it. This piece of music is from a website (freeplay) that Steff found. This piece of music (called Cookie's and milk) is played on a acoustic guitar and lasts for about 3 minutes so we didn't have any timing issues. I cut the music down to fit with what was happening with the video, on screen visually and it was surprisingly easy to do. We are very pleased with this song and we both think it fits in really well what is happening on screen and helps to ground the film to the romcom genre.

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