Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Prelim Task and microdrama

This is the Micro drama:
basically our task was to create a short film/ mini drama that used different theory's (such as todorov's Propp's 7 charcter types (villain, donor, (magical) helper, princess and her father, dispatcher, hero or victim/ seeker hero, false hero), Todorov's 5-part narrative formula, narrative enigma, and binary opposition etc) and also included a magic object. 

This task also helped us to get used to the equipment we would be using for our coursework, e.g. camera's, tripod's, tape's and iMovie. We only had a limited time to plan, shoot and edit and we hadn't really done anything like this before this so it's not of great quality but i learnt a lot from doing it.

This is the prelim task:

It's very basic and we used techniques such as; shot reverse shot, match- on - action and the 180° rule. We did this to get used to the equipment we would be using and to see how we have progressed from the preliminarily task to our final coursework product.

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