Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Sweding a film is where films are recreated and normally unedited and have a single take per scene. the term 'sweding' comes from the film Be Kind Rewind where a character wipes all the footage off the tapes and they 'swede' films to cover up their actions. Sweding a film usually consists of  a very low budget unknown actors.  

The customers in the video rental store really like what they have done and request them to do their favorite films.

Here are my 5 ideas of films to Swede.

1). Kill Bill - i would turn it into 'chill bill'.

4). Harry Potter - i would turn this into 'Harriet Potter', she would play quiditch on broomsticks, a girl would play the main character, her spells wouldn't work, i would do the trailer of it covering the best parts as opposed to making the opening 2 minutes.


Here is the final version of my sweded version of Harry Potter (Harryiet Potter)

please leave any useful feedback, thanks.

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